Police Sub Inspector 2004 Questions & Answers

Police Sub Inspector / Mental Ability / Sub-Inspector– 2004               

1. Which one of the following statement is not correct?
A. The President can dissolve the Lok sabha.
B. The vice president is ex-officio Chairman of the Rajya sabha.
C. Money bills cannot be introduced in the Rajya sabha.
D. One third of Rajya sabha members retire every third year.
2. The law of gravitation was discovered by :
A. Newton                                          B. Charles Darwin                
C. William Harvey                             D. Einstein
3. The best conductor of electricity is :
A. Copper                  B. Graphite                C. Aluminum              D. Silver
4. The most intelligent animal is:
A. Elephant                B. Monkey                  C. Chimpanzee         D. Dog
5. When ice melts , its volume:
A. Increase                                         B. Decrease
C. Remains the same                       D. First decreases then increases
6. Telephone was invented by:
A. Alfred Nobel          B. Graham Bell          C. W Shockely           D. Samuel Morso
7. Three primary colours of light are:
A. Red, Green, Blue                                      B. Red, Yellow, Green
C. Red, Yellow Blue                                      D. Green Yellow Blue
8. Red Blood Cells (RBC) are formed in :
A. Muscles                 B. Veins         C. Bone Marrow                    D. Heart
9. Spring balance is used to measure
A. Mass                      B. Thrust         C. Pressure                           D. Weight
10. ‘Universal donor’ in blood transfusion belongs to the blood group:
A. A                             . B                   C. O                                        AB
11. The first President of Indian National Congress was :
A. A.O.Hume                                                 B. W C Bannerji
C. Rabindra Nath Tagore                             D. C. Rajagopalachari
12. Human Rights Day is observed on :
A. 10th December                                         B. 14th November
C. 30th January                                              D. 1st May
13. The term ‘Knock out’ is associated with:
A. Chess                    B. Hockey                  C. Boxing                   D. Football
14. How many players ply in each side in volleyball
A. 11                           B. 9                             C. 7                             D. 6
15. Bharathiya Jnanpith Award was instituted in:
A. 1976                      B. 1944                      C. 1970                      D. 1980
16. The first Indian to get the Nobel prize is :
A. Rabindra Nath Tagore                             B. C Rajagopalachari
C. C V Raman                                               D. Dr Hargobind khorana
17. “A friend in need is a friend “ is ascribed to :
A. Shakespeare        B. Winston Churchill  C. Tennyson   D. Milton
18. “ A thing beauty is a joy for ever” is a line written by :
A. Keats                     B. Shelley                   C. Pope                      D. Tennyson
19. I.L.O stands for :
A. International Labour Organisation                      B. Indian Labour organization
B. International Labour Organisation                      D. Indian Legal Office
20. F.R. C.S stands for :
A. Fellow of the Royal Civil Service
B. Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons
C. Fellow of the Royal College of Science
D. Fellow of the Royal Council of Surgeons
21. Which of the following is, an example for partial parasite?
A. Lichen                   B. Loruthus                 C. Pepper plant         D. Vanda
22. The medulla Oblongata is concerned with the control of :
A. Hearing                  B. Heartbeat              C. Vision        D. Balance of the body
23. In the human body, insulin is produced by :
A. Liver                       B. Skin                        C. Pancreas              D. Pituitary gland
24. Which of the following is necessary for the formation of hemoglobin?
A. Iron                         B. Salt                         C. Phosphorous        D. Sulphur
25. The author of ‘Punchatantra’ is
A. Kalidas                  B. Vishnu Sharma     C. Valmiki                  D. Chanakyan
26. The first Five Year Plan was started in the year :
A. 1951                      B. 1952                      C. 1953                      D. 1954
27. Which one of the following is in the concurrent list of the Constitution of India?
A. Finance                 B. Agriculture C. Education              D. Commerce
28. For a group to come in to existence, it is essential that people :
A. Are at one place                                       B. Owe allegiance to a leader
C. Like one another                                      D. Have a common goal
29. The main fuel for the body to produce energy is :
A. Insulin                     B. Protein                   C. Glucose                 D. Fat
30. The philosophy of Adwaita is associated to :
A. Sri Sankaracharya                                   B. Sri Buddha
C. Sri Vivekananda                                      D. Sri Rama krishna Paramahamsa
31. Who introduced English education in India?
A. Corn Wallis           B. Rippon                   C. Dalhousie              D. William Bentinck
32. Who announced an American model Constitution of Travancore?
A. Rajagopala Achari                                   B. C P Ramaswami Iyer
C. Pazhassi Raja                                          D. Paliath Achan.
33. The fist English school in Kerala was established at :
A. Mattancherry                                             B. Thiruvananthapuram
C. kozhikode                                                 D. Kollam
34. The district of Kerala having the highest urban population is :
A. Trivandrum            B. Ernakulam C. Kozhikode             D. Thrissur
35. Who emphasized the need for compulsory primary education in India ?
A. Nehru         B. Ram Mohan Roy       C. Gokhale          D. Rabindra Nath Tagore      
36. The Five-year Plan of the period 2002 – 2007 is :
A. 9th                           B. 10th                         C. 11th                                    D. 12th
37. Effective communication will make the receiver :
A. Think over it           B. Accept it                C. Pass it on to others  D. Enjoy it
38. Which country is not a member of SAARC ?
A. Bhutan                   B. Myanmar               C. Maldives                D. Bangladesh
39. Which country’s Parliament has the largest membership ?
A. India                       B. United States        C. China                     D. Japan
40. The state with the smallest population in India is:
A. Mizoram                B. Arunachal Pradesh          C. Goa            D. Sikkim
41. Find out the number that comes in the missing position of the following number series:-
0, 7, 26, 63, 124, ___
A. 215                         B. 216                         C. 225                                    D. 185
42. If 3 + 3 = 27 ; 4 + 7 = 84 and 5 + 7 = 105, then 6 + 7 = ___?
A. 136                         B. 126                         C. 106                                    D. 86
43. In a military mode, TARGET is written as TARGET.Using the same cade BRIDGE should be written as :
A. DGEBRI                B. IRBDGE                C. BRIEGD                D. IRBEGD
44. A class has R rows of desks with D desks in each row, On a particular day when all the pupils were present, three seats were found vacant. The number of pupils in the class is :
A. DR + 3                   B. D + R + 3               C. DR – 3                   D. D + R – 3
45. A father tells his son, “I was your present age when you were born” If father is 36 now, how old was the son five years back ?
A. 13                           B. 18                           C. 31                           D. 21
46. The average age of husband and wife was 22 years when they were married five years back. What is present average age of the family if they have three year old child?
A. 25 years                B. 19 years                C. 27 years                D. 281/2 years
47. In an examination, 40% students fail in Maths, 30% in English and 15% in both. Find the pass percentage.
A. 50%                       B. 65%                       C. 30%                       D. 45%
48. A train runs for 2 hrs at the speed of 35 km/hr. It runs for 31/2 hrs at the speed of 60 km/hr and then runs for 21/2 hrs at the speed of 70 km/hr. Find the average speed of the train:
A. 40 km/hr                B. 55 km/hr                C. 56.87 km/hr           D. 80 km/hr
49. A 300m. long train passes a pole in 12 secs. What is the speed in km/hr?
A. 40 km/hr                B. 72 km/hr                C. 90 km/hr                D. 120 km/hr
50. One half of the students at an Indian University study German and 1/3 of others study French.The remaining 600 do not study any foreign language. How students are there in the University?
A. 7200                      B. 1800                      C. 3600                      D. 2700
51. If P’s and Q’s ages add up to 42 and P is 10 years junior to R. Who is 8 years senior to Q . What are the age of P, Q, R respectively.
A. 22 years, 20 years, 24 years                  B. 20 years, 22 years, 32 years
C. 12 years, 30 years, 32 years                  D. 20 years, 22 years, 30 years
52. If X means ÷ means X, ÷ means + and + means – then the value of expression (3 – 15 ÷ 11) X , 8+6 will be:
A. 1                             B. 0                             C. 8                             D. 4
53. What will be the angle between two hands of a clock at time 8.30?
A. 900                         B. 600                         C. 450                         D. 750
54. If ¾ of a number is equal to 2/3 of another number, What is the ratio between these two numbers. ?
A. 3:4                          B. 5:6                          C. 8:9                          D. 9:10
55. Q is the shorter then P but teller than R. R is shorter than P but taller than A. If they stand in ascending order of height , the sequence is ;
A. A R Q P                 B. A Q R P                 C. Q P A R                 D. R P Q A
56. A, B, C are intelligent. A, D, E, are laborious, D, C, E, are honest. A, B, E, are ambitious, Which of the following are honest?
A. A,D                         B. A,B                         C. C,A                                    D. C,A,B
57. There are four roads . I have come from the south and want to go to the temple . The road to the right leads me away from the coffee house: straight ahead it leads only to a college. In which direction is the temple?
A. E.                            B. N                             C. W                           D. S
58. A cube is to be painted. No two adjacent faces can be coloured  the same. Which is the least number of colours needed?
A. 4                             B. 3                             C. 2                             D. 5
59. Some boys are standing in queue. If the 10 boy from behind is 5 behind the 12th boy from the friend, how many boys are there in the queue?
A. 17                           B. 20                           C.27                            D. 26
60. When 8% of 630 is added to 12% of 315, the sum is?
A. 68.2                        B. 44.1                        C. 126                                    D. 88.2
61. According to the Gregorian calendar Saka era, our national era, begins from the which of the year?
A. A.D 622                 B.A.D 1587                C. A.D 319                 D. A.D 78
62. Indians learnt the art preparation of horoscope from whom?
A. Greeks                   B. Parthians               C. Arabs                     D. Sakas
63. Kalidasa the great India poet was in the court of the Hindu emperor:
A. Asoka the Great                                       B. Chandragupta II
C. Samudra Gupta                                        D. Chandra Gupta Maurya
64. The Portuguese conquered Goa in the year:
A. 1603 A. D              B. 1757 A.D               C. 1510 A.D              D. 1656 A. D
65. Which one of the following was described by Gandhiji as “a postdated cheque on a failing bank”
A. August offer                                               B. Cripp’s Declaration
C. Wavell Plan                                               D. Cabinet mission
66. A port where not duties levied on articles of commerce is called:
A. Dry port                  B. International port  C. Free port                D. Closed port
67. The gravitational pull exerted by the earth is maximum high the :
A. South pole             B. North pole C. Antarctic circle      D. Equator
68. The largest continent is:
A. Asia                       B. America                 C. Europe                  D. Africa
69. The biggest planet is:
A. Venus                    B. Pluto                       C. Mercury                 D. Jupiter
70. Nautical mile is unit of distance used in :
A. navigation B. Aviation                 C. Race                      D. Space travel
71. Solar eclipse occurs on a :
A. Full moon day                                           B. New moon day     
C. Half moon day                                          D. None of the above
72. India become a member of the United Nation in:
A. 1950                      B. 1951                      C. 1945                      D. 1947
73. Silent valley forest are is located in:
A. Madhya Pradesh   B. Kerala    C. Himachal Pradesh   D. Sikkim
74. The National Anthem of India was composed by:
A. Bankim Chandra Chatterji                       B. Acharya Vinoba Bhave
C. Subash Chandra Bose                            C. Rabindra Nath Tagore
75. The Indian flag is rectangular in shape and the ratio of the length to breadth is:
76. India’s first underground nuclear explosion experiment was done at :
A. Thumba in Kerala                         B. Arvi in Maharashtra
C. Pokharan in Rajasthan                            D. Pokran in Gujarat
77. India’s first scientific satellite ’Aryabhatta’ was launched in to orbit on:
A. 19th April 1975                                          B. 1st July 1975
C. 26th June 1975                                         D. 18th May 1975
78. The ‘Teacher’ s Day’ observed every year in India on:
A. September 5    B. November 14            C. may 1         D. October 19
79. In India censes is taken in every :
A. Five years             B. Year                       C. Ten years   D. Three years
80. The President of India must have completed the age of:
A. 25 years                B. 35 years                C. 40 years       D. 50 years
81. In the sentence, “No room here” room means:
A. Room for rent        B. Waiting room        C. Accommodation  D. Space
82. The idiom ‘To read between lines’ means:
A. To suspect                                                B. To do useless reading
C. To read carefully               D. To under stand hidden meaning of the writer
83. An autobiography is:
A. A statement of the achievements and failures in owns on life
B. An account one’s own life                        C. A narration in the first person
D. A chronicle of events is one’s own life
84. Fill in by the correct from of the word given:
The visitor was given a warm welcome of this____
A. Arrive                     B. Arriving                  C. Arrived                   D. Arrival
85. Complete the following sentence choosing the correct word:–
I prefer coffee__tea
A. than                        B. to                            C. can                         D. for
86. Replace the word underline by right phrase given :
Since the whether is bad, we will cancel the meeting arranged for this evening:
A. given up            B. give away                     C. give in                   D. give out progress
87. Replace the word underline by right phrase:
The Government rejected all the demands:
A. put out                    B. turned down          C. made out               D. gave out
88. Give the meaning of the following phrase get at.
A. pass                       B. rise               C. reach                    D. to make progress
89. The word “Elite” means:
A. Exquisite               B. Dear             C. Perfect                    D. The best
90. The word “ Delicacy” means:
A. Shy                         B. Weakness             C. Sensitive               D. Thin
91. Filling in the blank using the right word :
A. since                      B. by                           C. for                           D. form
92. Fill in using the correct preposition :
I can write a book ___ grammar:
A. on                           B. in                            C. about                     D. of
93. monkey live ___ trees
A. on                           B. in                            C. upon                       D. by
94. It is natural ___ man to make mistake:
A. that                         B. about                      C. in                            D. for
95. Identify the conjunction in the following sentences :
I ran fast but  missed the train.
A. but                          B. ran                          C. fast                         D. the
96. Pick out the incorrect the sentence :
A. we are cousins                             B. He bought some language         
C. He is waiting here for three hours          D. I know all that he said.
97. Pick out the correctly spelt word:
A. Fourty                     B. Separate               C. Secretary              D. Curriculum
98. Pick out the incorrectly spelt word:
A. Excellent                B. President               C. Recommend         D. Comment
99. Complete sentence:
You would look  better, if
A. you would have cut your hair                   B. you cut your hair   
C. you have cut your hair                              D. you will cut your hair
100. Pick out the correct sentence:
A. I prefer coffee than tea                             B. Politics have divided the country
C. Sun rises in east                                      D. He goes to bed at ten in the night


1. D                 2. A.                3. D.                4. C                 5. B
6. B                  7. A                 8. C                 9. D                 10. C
11. B                12. A               13. C               14. D               15. B
16. A               17. D               18. A               19. A               20. B
21. B                22. B                23. C               24. A               25. B
26. A               27. C               28. D               29. D               30. A
31. D               32. B                33. A               34. B                35. B
36. B                37. B                38. B                39. C               40. D
41. A               42. B                43. D               44. C               45. A
46. B                47. D               48. C               49. C               50. B
51. D               52. A               53. D               54. C               55. A
56. B                57. A               58. B                59. D               60. D
61. D               62. A               63. B                64. C               65. B
66. C               67. D               68. A               69. D               70. A  
71. B                72. C               73. B                74. D               75. D
76. C               77. A               78. A               79. C               80. B
81. D               82. D               83. B                84. D               85. B
86. A               87. B                88. C               89. D               90. C
91. C               92. A               93. B                94. D               95. A
96. B                97. C               98. A               99. B                100. D


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