C-DIT DCA Reference Questions and Answers – Html & Internet

Difference Between Html & XML
XML was designed to transport and store data.
HTML was designed to display data.
XML stands for EXtensible Markup Language
XML is a markup language much like HTML
XML was designed to carry data, not to display data
XML tags are not predefined. You must define your own tags
XML is designed to be self-descriptive
XML is a W3C Recommendation
XML is not a replacement for HTML.
XML and HTML were designed with different goals:
XML was designed to transport and store data, with focus on what data is
HTML was designed to display data, with focus on how data looks
HTML is about displaying information, while XML is about carrying information.
Maybe it is a little hard to understand, but XML does not DO anything. XML was created to structure, store, and transport information.
The following example is a note to Tove, from Jani, stored as XML:
Don’t forget me this weekend!
The note above is quite self descriptive. It has sender and receiver information, it also has a heading and a message body.
But still, this XML document does not DO anything. It is just information wrapped in tags. Someone must write a piece of software to send, receive or display it.
With XML You Invent Your Own Tags
The tags in the example above (like and ) are not defined in any XML standard. These tags are “invented” by the author of the XML document.
That is because the XML language has no predefined tags.
The tags used in HTML are predefined. HTML documents can only use tags defined in the HTML standard (like


, etc.).

XML allows the author to define his/her own tags and his/her own document structure.
XML is Not a Replacement for HTML
XML is a complement to HTML.
It is important to understand that XML is not a replacement for HTML. In most web applications, XML is used to transport data, while HTML is used to format and display the data.
My best description of XML is this:
XML is a software- and hardware-independent tool for carrying information.
XML is a W3C Recommendation
XML became a W3C Recommendation on February 10, 1998.
XML is now as important for the Web as HTML was to the foundation of the Web.
XML is the most common tool for data transmissions between all sorts of applications.
Html Tags              Description                            DTD
                  Defines a comment                               STF
         Defines the document type STF
                    Defines an abbreviation        STF
            Defines an acronym              STF

             Defines contact information for the author/owner of a document    STF
                                Deprecated. Defines an embedded applet         TF

                  Defines an area inside an image-map                STF
                         Defines bold text   STF
                Defines a default address or a default target for all links on a page                STF
          Deprecated. Defines a default font, color, or size for the text in a page          TF
                    Defines the text direction     STF
                      Defines big text      STF

        Defines a long quotation      STF

                  Defines the document’s body              STF

                      Defines a single line break   STF
                                Defines a push button           STF

              Defines a table caption         STF
                                Deprecated. Defines centered text      TF
                     Defines a citation STF
                  Defines computer code text                 STF

                    Defines attribute values for one or more columns in a table             STF
           Defines a group of columns in a table for formatting        STF

                      Defines a description of a term in a definition list             STF
<del>                       Defines deleted text              STF
                     Defines a definition term      STF
                      Deprecated. Defines a directory list    TF

                      Defines a section in a document         STF

                        Defines a definition list         STF

                        Defines a term (an item) in a definition list         STF
                      Defines emphasized text      STF
               Defines a border around elements in a form      STF
                    Deprecated. Defines font, color, and size for text              TF
                   Defines an HTML form for user input STF
                Defines a window (a frame) in a frameset           F
             Defines a set of frames         F


         Defines HTML headings       STF
                  Defines information about the document            STF

                     Defines a horizontal line      STF
                    Defines an HTML document                 STF
                          Defines italic text   STF
                Defines an inline frame         TF
                   Defines an image STF
                                Defines an input control       STF
                      Defines inserted text             STF
                     Defines keyboard text           STF
                   Defines a label for an input element    STF
                               Defines a caption for a fieldset element              STF

  •                          Defines a list item STF
  •                    Defines the relationship between a document and an external resource       STF

                        Defines an image-map          STF
                      Deprecated. Defines a menu list          TF
                    Defines metadata about an HTML document      STF
               Defines an alternate content for users that do not support frames TF
                 Defines an alternate content for users that do not support client-side scripts              STF
                    Defines an embedded object               STF

                              Defines an ordered list         STF
               Defines a group of related options in a select list             STF
                                    Defines an option in a select list         STF

                             Defines a paragraph             STF

                  Defines a parameter for an object        STF

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